In the Autumn of 2000, we enjoyed a holiday in Budapest; perhaps the highlight was enjoying a Sunday jazz brunch – listening to fine musicianship whilst tucking into an exciting buffet array of hot and cold foods and sipping a fine bottle of Hungarian wine. We came out of the experience refreshed, relaxed and excited: we could do this.

Over a period of 16 years, this is what we have done, using musicians from South Wales, and sometimes beyond, and a regular, reliable fan base whom we contact via email. The brunches happened on a Sunday, once a month, running from midday until 3pm. But time does not stand still and in March 2017 we sold our hotel, Fourcroft, which had been the jazz brunch venue.

So a new chapter started. The owners of Heywood Spa Hotel enthusiastically offered to provide a venue and a new style and level of food for the brunch, so in 2017 we offered again our monthly jazz brunches. It seemed our audiences continued to appreciate this rare combination of quality live jazz and relaxed eating and drinking, at the end of which we hope the world continued to seem a better place.

Time still marches on, of course, and just when we seemed settled in our Heywood Lane location, its owners decided that there were more appropriate ways to spend a Sunday lunchtime. We therefore sought another new location and were delighted to  run our concerts at The Imperial Hotel in Tenby. Its Cliffhanger Restaurant became our new home, an extensive area which allowed us bigger audiences, and with an awe inspiring view of the south beach and St Catherine’s Island.

After a compulsory 16 month layoff, we’re now seeking a post-Covid reboot; we hope to announce news of our progress soon ……